Next Steps Towards Small Business Growth

Initial Discussion

Book a 30-minute video call via the 'Let's Talk' button for us to learn more about each other, and see if we're a good fit to work together

Growth Strategy Workshop

90-minute 'QuickStart Marketing Roadmap' workshop to develop an actionable growth plan for your business

1-1 Coaching

Your Marketing Blueprint 90-Day program to establish a strategic marketing roadmap, install marketing systems and equip you and your business for growth

What you'll come away with...

Clarity and Momentum

You’ll be crystal clear on what to prioritise to grow your business. This will free you to move forward with confidence instead of uncertainty or overwhelm

Defined Ideal Customer Avatars

You will have defined and documented exactly who your ideal client is for each of your core offers and what drives them

Strategic Marketing Roadmap

For each avatar, you will have mapped out how you take them from unaware to customer to brand advocate, and identified your biggest opportunities and obstacles to growth

Scorecard and Measures for Growth

You’ll have a simple but powerful scorecard of the key measures that will impact growth (no vanity metrics here!)

Marketing System Foundation

You will have installed a system for managing incoming leads, tracking your marketing results, and managing your marketing assets and tactics

The Power of Knowledge

You and your team will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and proven frameworks you need to consistently grow your business

Your options after the 90-Day program...

Do It Yourself

Take what you’ve learned in our time together and work with your team on managing and refining your marketing strategy, messaging and tactical marketing actions

Find a ‘full-stack’ Marketing Agency

Take your marketing assets and growth plan to an agency that does ‘all the things’ (tactics) and have them do your marketing for you, with you in the management hot seat

Ongoing Marketing Coaching

Continue working together to refine the marketing strategy, system and messaging and get support with project managing your selected marketing resources and suppliers

Why work with Bizmarketer?

Experience: Bizmarketer has been serving small businesses since 2010. Owner Kristen has almost 25 years marketing experience.

Expertise: Masters qualified in Marketing + certified in the 8 core disciplines of digital marketing.

Proven Frameworks: Trained in Digital Marketer’s methodologies and tools for growth, which have been tried and tested with thousands of small businesses worldwide.

Are We a Good Fit?

Let’s meet to discuss your business and marketing goals to see if we’re a good fit to work together to grow your business.